Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas & Solstice Greetings!

I just wanted to wish all of my friends in yarn a Happy and Healthy holiday season regardless of which holiday is celebrated.

I finally finished a 7 1/2 foot long ghan - now I just need to wrap it, a few animal hats for my daughter and have 1 last batch of cookies to make (30 dozen so far and still counting).

It's really hard to be in the Christmas spirit when it's 80 degrees out but I'm trying!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The mad Christmas rush!

I can't be the only crocheter who just realized how far behind I am and how close Christmas is.


I have 2 afghans totally completed and washed just waiting to be gift bagged.

I have a 3rd ghan (2 strands and an N hook) yup - call me a cheater! I'm in a time crunch.  I could say that thick cozy afghans just can't be beat for presents heading north to the colder states and it would be true but it's mostly the time crunch.

I have a 4th afghan that I just realized I will NOT have enough yarn to finish.  I'm going to need at least another pound of red and possibly 2 more pounds of blue. Yup - another 2 strander but this is one of the VERY FEW truly custom ghans I've made.  I was specifically asked to make this one super thick and cozy so i don't feel like I'm cheating but originally - I only bought enough yarn to make it a 1 strander. 

Looks like I have a 100 mile round trip to hit Michael's and Joann's to HOPE they have the colors I need in stock.

So - how about you guys?  Are any of you done for Christmas yet?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Explaining Copyright & Terms of Use

Copyright and ToU Information

"Every time a pattern is 'ripped off' a designer loses their wings"

Or so I've heard.   I think most times it's more like a few feathers than actually both wings. Although, with some new designers who are very sensitive - it is enough to make them stop designing and stop putting their patterns out there ever again.

We love our craft.  We love to share.  If we didn't there wouldn't be so many blogs dedicated to crochet and we wouldn't have so many people reading them.  One of the problems is that Copyright & ToU seems like such a huge gray area.  Trying to understand it all can make your head hurt. (usual disclaimer -I'm not a lawyer, this isn't legal advice, yada, yada, yada)  After studying this for years this is my understanding of it.

In it's simplest form it comes down to Kindergarten Rules.  
If it's not yours - don't take it without permission. 

In the US (I can't speak for other countries because I don't know what their laws are), Copyright Protection is granted the moment you put an idea into a usable format - whether it's a pattern, a picture, a poem, etc.  Copyright protection is given to 'Intellectual Property'.  That means "I thought of it - I created it - it belongs to me".

There is a difference between Copyright and Terms of Use.  

Copyright protection is automatically granted whether or not it is marked on the pattern or picture.  (For the purpose of this article I'm discussing patterns and pictures - it does extend further into realms that I have not studied and cannot speak on).  You'll normally see the little tiny c in a circle or (C), the year it was created, the designers name and All rights reserved on the first line.  Technically, it should be the creator's name - not the name of the company but regardless - marked or not it's still protected under Copyright. 

(C)2011 - Michele Shirley - All rights reserved

You can make 1 (one) working copy for yourself.  An example of this is copying the pages from a book or printing off a pdf so you don't mark up the original.  You cannot make several copies and pass them around to your friends.  In the digital age we live in it's all to simple to forward a pdf to our friends.  Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's ok.

Terms of Use is usually the 2nd line of the Copyright statement.  This is a licensing agreement.  It'll tell you if the pattern is for personal use, charity use, commercial use - whether or not you can sell the finished items created from the pattern, etc.  Many designers add that you may not share (by mechanical or digital means).  The sad fact is that they shouldn't have to add it.  If you are aware of the ToU before you purchase or use a free pattern then you're legally bound to it.

I'll use my Etsy Shoppe as an example.  This is listed at the bottom of each product page.

Terms of Use/Licensing – Personal, private & local sales of 
finished items are allowed. Please contact RoseRed Designs
for questions regarding internet sales or commercial use of
items made from this pattern. RoseRedDesigns @

Many designers don't know that they're supposed to list the licensing agreement before you purchase the pattern.  Technically and legally (and I hate to say this because there are some people that will use it as a loophole but for the sake of honesty...) you are not bound to the ToU if you don't have the ability to read it before you make your purchase (or use a free pattern).

So - if it's not listed prior to your purchase or use - is it OK to blatantly ignore it and do whatever you want to with the finished items?  Legally - yes.  Morally - well, that's entirely up to each individual and their own moral compass.  Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic but I like to think that there is more good in people and in the world than bad.  My hope would be that anyone who reads this and sees a pattern that doesn't have the ToU listed prior to purchase or use would gently mention it to the designer. 

One thing to remember with this is that you cannot add a restrictive ToU after a pattern has been purchased.  It only holds to future purchases or use.  You can go back and add less restrictions to patterns that are already out there.  I did this.  It used to say that you can not sell the finished products on all of my patterns.  Now my ToU restriction is that you cannot sell them on the internet BUT you can use them for local or personal sales.  If someone in Seattle wants to make a bunch of something and sell it at a craft show - it's not going to hurt me in any way, shape or form.  Go for it!

Copyright Infringement occurs when you 'share' something that's not yours.  Copyright Infringement hurts designers in ways you may not normally think about.  For 'pay for' patterns sharing them illegally amongst your friends is literally taking money out of the Indie (Independent) Designers pocket.  It raises the cost of the books, pamphlets and e-patterns coming out of the Design Houses (like Annie's Attic, DRG Publishing, etc).  It hurts the designers feelings and tests their professionalism when they need to confront someone who has illegally shared what was not theirs to share in the first place.  In some cases in can cause someone to stop designing altogether.

What is included/not included under Copyright Protection?

It includes the exact wording of the pattern and and all pictures (whether they belong to a pattern or not).

Stitches, shapes and ideas are NOT covered by Copyright Protection.  You cannot copyright a stitch pattern.  You can only copyright your wording of how to create the stitch.

You cannot copyright an idea.  A sleeveless vest, a hexagon lapghan, a round ripple with added points are examples of ideas.  Your wording and pictures telling a person how to create your idea are protected.

So, is it ok to see something and make your own version of it?  Short answer - yes.  That's how the fashion industry works.  That's why there's so many patterns for round ripples and sweaters and scarves, etc.

The long answer - ask yourself if you want to be known as a designer that copies other peoples designs or if you want to be known for your own designs.

Derivative Works are patterns created from the original.  Part of the problem with making your own version of something is that it may fall into the realm of Derivative Works.  Changing the yarn, color or hook does not make it your own.  Adding a different edge does not make it your own. Combining several different patterns does not make it your own if you are working directly from the original.

Part of claiming All Rights Reserved is saying that the designer reserves the right to create their own derivative works from the original pattern.  It also says that the designer holds the original copyright and is allowing you to use their pattern (whether free or for purchase).  Simply purchasing a pattern does NOT transfer copyright ownership.

The Useful Items clause says that anything that is a useful item (clothing, blankets, pretty much anything you can use other than artwork for the sake of it being art) is not covered under copyrights.  So - it goes right back to only the wording and pictures are covered under copyright protection.

What can you do if you see Copyright Violations?

The best and most helpful thing that you can do is to notify the designer or copyright holder.  They are the only people that can do anything about it.  Under the DMCA (Digital Millennial Copyright Act) there is a set procedure for the copyright holder to follow.  Hosting sites will do nothing about infringements unless they are contacted by the copyright holder.  This is the law and they will follow it to the letter.

Just remember that there are NO official Copyright Police.  There are, however, people that have taken it upon themselves to help protect the copyrights of designers.  Many of them don't understand the basics of Copyrights but they do mean well.

I hope that you find this article helpful in navigating the 'murky waters' of Copyright-land.


Universal Craft Blog Directory

What a great idea!  They're hoping to have the biggest craft blog directory on the web.

Check it out and see if you'd like to add your blog to the list.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

and the winner is ..... again 11/3



I will be emailing you in just a moment!
Please contact me within the next 48 hours
with your shipping information!

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catherine - Please contact me!

I'm still waiting to hear back from Catherine so I can mail her her winnings!   I've emailed you at the address you left and have posted here.

If I don't hear from you by 9 am tomorrow - November 3 - I will be picking another winner.

Please contact me with your shipping information.

Thank you,


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

and the winner is.........


I have already sent an email to the addy you provided!

Please get back to me within the next 48 hours 
so I can address and mail you your box of goodies!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Last day to enter the give-away!

Today is the last chance to enter the RRD Give-Away!

It's easy - join with Google Friend Connect
and leave a comment on this blog post.

Drawing will he held tomorrow!

Monday, October 17, 2011

1st ever RoseRed Designs Contest / Give-away!

Thank you for checking out
RoseRed Designs
1st ever Contest / Give-Away!

What you see in the above picture is what is you can win!

If you'd like the chance to win some great hooks, great yarn and some RoseRed Designs merchandise - here's your chance.

As shown in the picture above:

RoseRed Designs project tote bag
RoseRed Designs Coffee cup/hook holder
Susan Bates Bamboo Handle I - 5.5 hook
Addi Swing hook I - 5.5 hook
Crochet Lite K - 6.5 hook
Bernat Matrix 50gram ball (pinks)
2 skeins Bernat Haven 50 gram (black)
Lion Chenille 3oz (black) 
Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran 50gr ball (pale bluish)
Premier Yarn Flipper 50gr skein (off white)

This will be mailed in a medium size Flat Rate Priority Mail box.

To enter simply Join this Site with Google Friend Connect on the right side of the screen AND leave a comment letting me that you have.
If you are already a member - simply leave a comment.

For extra chances to win you can post about this contest on your blog and/or link to it on your FaceBook page.  You must leave a comment and post the URL to where this can be found.

All valid entries will be comments to notify me that you have joined this site (or that you already have).

All extra entries will be comments with links to your posts about this contest.  Please leave your contact information in each comment.

Each comment will be given a number and the number will be drawn randomly out of a hat by my dear daughter.

The drawing will be held on November 1st, 2011

I will post the winner here.  If you wish to be contacted personally, please leave your email address in your comment.  If I cannot get in contact the winner within 48 hours I will draw another number.

I apologize but this contest is only open to those within the United States.

Good luck and I truly hope that this first contest is a great success!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thoughts on laptop covers - Are they a good idea?

I've been considering making a laptop cover.  I've seen some really adorable ones and I have an undying love for cozies whether they be kitschy or elegant or anything in between.  It's almost surprizing how deeply one can consider this question.  Go figure!

Are they practical?  If if's a means of keeping dust off of your laptop then yes.  I think they can be but I use my laptop pretty consistently throughout the day so for me - not really.

Do they really offer any form of protection?  I don't think so.  If I drop my laptop (God forbid!) I don't think a crocheted cozy regardless of how many post stitches or popcorns are on it will do much of anything to help cushion the fall.  A 5 pound laptop is just too heavy for a popcorn to save.

Are they pretty?  Of course.  I'm sure you'll get plenty of oooh's and aaahhh's when you take it out of it's carrying case.  Or it could be cute or silly or whatever a person's personal style would lead them to create.

Are they good for the laptop?  Hmmmmm - to me, this is the most important consideration.  I don't know but I lean towards probably not.  Yarn by it's design is made from fibers.  We've all experienced yarn that fuzzes.  I don't know about your laptop (or tablet or pad or whatever other doodads they've come up with that I'm not familiar with) but MINE has a bunch of holes (I believe they're called ports) on the sides of it.

There's places for usb cables, monitor cables, jacks for microphones and headphones and other assorted openings that i have absolutely NO IDEA what is supposed to go in them (but they come with the machine whether we know how to use them or not).

This is where my line of thinking has taken me.  I don't know of any yarn that doesn't fuzz at some point. Some are way worse at fuzzing at others.  Some, like mohair, are made fuzzy.

What are the chances that the fuzz from the yarn can get into the little port openings?

Do I really want to add another step to cleaning my laptop by having to remember to clean out each of the opening with compressed air because I added fuzzies to the situation?

Do i want to take a chance on these fuzzies getting into the openings and when I plug something in - it doesn't work because there's something in the way of the connection?

I find these thoughts to be really disappointing because I was looking forward to making a laptop cover.  I like pretty things.  I like to make pretty things.  I like to cover my stuff with pretty things.  (ok - I'm getting carried away with the pretty things thing here but you get my point, right?)

So - I find myself truly disappointed that I won't be making a laptop cover for myself.  My husband surprised me with a very boring and utilitarian laptop bag.  (It's an excellent brand and something that he wouldn't be embarrassed to carry unlike the red snakeskin shoulder bag I had my eye on).  I wanted something more 'me' for when I took my laptop out of the bag.

With all of the computer problems I've had recently including the loss of a year and a half's worth of photo's.  (I found a back up disk I made in Jan 2010 so I didn't lose 8 YEARS worth of pictures  - YES!!!)  I find myself not wanting to add any potential problems to my computer.

For those of you that have made laptop cozies or those of you that want to - by all means - do what makes you happy.  I believe that, as with most decisions in life, this is only a personal opinion and that we each need to decide for ourselves what we're going to do.  Unfortunately, I've decided not to make the cute little cover with the cables on it that I had already designed in my minds eye.

As with all my posts - comments are always welcome.  I'd love to know what you, my friends in yarn, think of laptop covers in general or in my thoughts on the topic.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Computer Problems

My dear friends in yarn,

I know I posted a teaser in my last post that this post would be a give-away.  I am sorry to dissapoint.

But I do have a really good reason!

I have been going thru computer hell!  I'm on my 3rd machine in 3 weeks.  I am soooo happy that Best Buy has a 2 week exchange period.  Technically, I'm on my 4th machine as my old laptop gave up the ghost, the first 2 computers that I replaced it with had malfunctions.  So far (cross your fingers for me) this one seems to be doing well.

Unfortunately, I lost quite a bit of personal files - pictures and documents and such.  It's not for lack of backing up.  The problem is - my back-ups failed also.  Fortunately, I did not lose any of my RoseRed Designs files.

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled postings soon.


Monday, September 19, 2011

New Pattern Release - A Modern Heirloom baby/toddler/lap Afghan

I am so pleased to announce that my newest design, 

A Modern Heirloom

is being released today!  

You can find the pattern at either:
 (links are clickable)

This is one of my most favorite patterns that I've come up with so far.  It is so versatile.  It can be used as a baby ghan, is large enough to be a toddler/ small child ghan, gorgeous enough to be a crib cover, or used as a lap or wheelchair ghan.  

The applications for this afghan are endless.  The only thing that needs to be changed for it's different purposes is the color.  Winter white or beige for the heirloom look, baby blue or pinks for infants, favorite colors for older children or for those of use that refuse to grow up :)

I strongly recommend making this afghan in Caron Pounders
or any other of the thicker 4 ply worsted weight yarns.  

Warning - Teaser Alert!  My next post will be the first ever RoseRed Designs Give-Away Contest!  I think you guys will be quite happy with the contents of the up-coming give-away.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So excited!!! Designer Profile at

I am just soooooooo excited!

I have several patterns listed at AllFreeCrochet.  As if that wasn't exciting enough - I also have a Designer Profile!

I am so honored to be included in with these other GREAT designers!

All Free is an AWESOME website that lists tons of free patterns from across the web.  Make sure to check it out when you have a chance!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Prayer Cloth in Filet - 5 inch sq

You can also download the pdf file thru Ravelry

 … so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.   ACTS 19:12 NIV

Finished size:

            Approx. 5x5 inches


            34 yds Size 10 crochet cotton, white

            #7 steel hook Boye or

            #5 steel hook Bates

Pattern Notes:

            - Pattern is worked in 4edc blocks.

            - Entire pattern is worked in Edc.

            - Follow chart beginning at the bottom right corner of Row 1.

            - Chart is then followed back and forth until completed.

            - This pattern is symmetrical.

Pattern Stitches

edc  - Extended Double Crochet - yo and insert hook in specified st.  yo and draw through st (3 loops on hook).  yo and draw through 1 loop.  Complete as you would a normal dc. (Yo and draw through 2 loops, yo and draw through remaining 2 loops).

Mesh Block - Edc, ch2, skip 2st’s, edc in next st.  Each mesh block is made up of 4 st’s.  

Blocks that are next to each other share the center st.  Example - 2Mesh - edc, ch2, edc (shared),  ch2, edc.

Solid Block - 4 edc.  Each solid block is made up of 4st’s. Blocks that are next to each other share the center st.  Example - 2 Block - 7edc


Chain 52

Row 1 - edc in 4th chain from hook and in each chain across.

Row 2 - ch3, turn, edc in next 3 sts, *ch 2, skip next 2 sts, edc in next st*  repeat 2 more times, edc in next 3 sts,  *ch 2, skip next 2 sts, edc in next st* repeat 5 more times, edc in next 3 sts, *ch 2, skip next 2 sts, edc in next st* repeat 2 more times, edc in next 3 sts

Continue following chart through completion.  Finish off, weave in ends and block.

 Copyright 2011 ~ Michele Shirley ~ All rights reserved.
This pattern and it's derivative works are for personal, private and charitable use.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fitted Pint Canning Jar Cozy

Pint Canning jar cozy next to quart canning jar to show size.

Finished size: fits a 1 pint canning jar

Gauge:  4inch sq - 15 sts x 8 rows

Caron One Pound worsted (medium) weight acrylic yarn- 30oz/1548 yds/ 850.5g
 1 ounce
Hook:  I / 5.5 mm / UK size 5
Finishing needle for weaving in ends

Pattern Stitches:

fpsc – (front post single crochet) -  working from right to left, insert hook behind the post of the next st, yo and draw through, yo and draw through both loops on hook



Round 1 – working over tail 11 dc in last ch from hook, slst into top of ch2 to join, pull tail to tighten center (12 dc)

Round 2 – ch2, dc in same st, 2dc in each st around, slst to join (24 dc)

Round 3 – ch2, dc in same st, dc in next 2 dcs, (2dc in next st, dc in next 2 sts), repeat around, slst to join, turn (32 dc)

Round 4 – ch1, (sc, ch1) around post of same dc, dc around post of each dc around, slst to join, turn (32 dc)

Round 5 – (sc, ch1) in same st, dc in each dc around, slst to join, (32 dc)

Round 6 – ch1, hdc in same st and in each st around, st to join (32 hdc)

Round 7 – (sc, ch1, dc) in same st, (dc in next 10 sts, 2dc in next st) twice, dc in next 9 sts, slst to join (35 dc)

Round 8 – 13 – (sc, ch1) in same st, dc in each st around (35 dc)

Round 14 - ch1, fpsc in same st each in each st around.  Tie off and weave in ends. (35 fpsc)

Copyright 2011 ~ Michele Shirley ~ All rights reserved.
Items made from this pattern may be sold locally.


Ravelry and forays into herbalism

I finally figured out how to post a pattern for sale to Ravelry!  Whoohoo for me!  Yes, I know - it took an awful long time but I did it.  I now have the 5-10 Point and the 20 Point Round Ripple Patterns for sale on Rav.  I know that a lot of you guys prefer Ravelry to Etsy because they have instant downloads and a pattern library.  I do plan to keep my patterns on both Rav and Etsy for now.

Some of you may know that I've become interested in herbalism.  There's just something so great about being able to care for yourself and your family naturally.  One of the things that I've come to love in herbalism is infusions.  Simply put - an infusion is a very strong tea.

Some of the reasons I like them so much is because 1) they are so easy to make, 2) they are sooooo very good for you, 3) I can actually get my family to drink them.

To make an infusion you'll use herbs like nettle, oatstraw, red raspberry leaf, dandelion or rose hips, to name a few.  1 ounce of plant material to a quart of boiling water and then you let them sit anywhere from 4-10 hours or overnight.  It's best to keep them warm as long as possible.  I got very tired of having my jars wrapped in towels sitting on the counter.  It just looked bad.  So I started crocheting little cozy's for my jars.  Being the dork that I am I even color coordinated my cozy's to what was inside them lololol. 

I started with a basic and very boring basic shape, turned that into the fitted shape of the green one above and of course, me being me, decided that simple just doesn't always do and created the Turtleneck Cozy above as well.

So, my dear friends in yarn, my gift to you is the pint size canning jar cover.  I use this to make smaller infusions like the dandelion and rose hips.  It really does make a huge difference in how long the teas/infusions stay warm while sitting on the counter.  And they look good too!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wrought Iron Pineapple Wallhangings

The original pattern for this was in the ICD Blog and was written in short-hand.  I've come to realize that for a beginner or someone who isn't familiar with pineapples that the original pattern might not make a whole lot of sense.  So, I'm going to re-write it the long way so that it'll be easier to follow.

I have these hanging up near the table.  If you make them in cotton yarn you can use them for trivits.  Personally, I think they're a little holey for anything that's too hot.  I made mine in Red Heart Super Saver.  You'll need to use a hook that's a little small for the yarn to make them stiff enough to keep their shape while hanging.  For the large pineapple I used 2 strands and a J hook.

Red Heart Super Saver in your color of choice
F, G, H or J hooks depending on the size you want them to be.
 - The smaller the hook the more it'll keep it's shape while hanging.
 - I would only use the H hook if you're not going to hang it.

F - 9 1/2 inches
G - 10 inches
H - 11 inches
2 strands - 15 inches

Special Stitches
shell - (2dc, ch2, 2dc)
beg shell - (ch3, dc, ch2, 2dc) in ch-2 sp
shell in shell -(2dc, ch2, 2dc) in ch2-sp of shell from previous row
picot - ch3, slst in top of cluster


ch 5, slst in 1st ch to form loop

Round 1 - working in loop ch3 (counts as 1st dc now and throughout), dc, ch2, (2dc, ch2) 4 times, 2dc, ch5, (2dc, ch2) 3 times, slst into top of ch3 to join. do not turn

 - Now you'll begin working back and forth in Rows

Row 2 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, ch2, shell in next ch2- sp, turn

Row 3 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, (dc, ch6, dc) in next ch-2 sp, shell in shell, turn

Row 4 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, 12 dc in ch-6 sp, shell in shell, turn

Row 5 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, ch1, sk last 2 dcs of previous shell,  (dc, ch1) in next 12 dcs, shell in shell, turn

Row 6 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, ch1, sk next ch-1 sp,  sc in next ch-1 sp, (ch3, sc in ch-1 sp) 10 times, ch1, shell in shell, turn (10 ch-3 sps)

Row 7 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, ch2, sc in ch-3 sp, (ch3, sc in next ch-3 sp) across, ch2, shell in shell, turn (9 ch-3 sps)

- from this point on you will decrease one ch-3 sp in each row

Row 8 - repeat Row 7 (8 ch-3 sps)

Row 9 - repeat Row 7 (7 ch-3 sps)

Row 10 - repeat Row 7 (6 ch-3 sps)

Row 11 - repeat Row 7 (5 ch-3 sps)

Row 12 - repeat Row 7 (4 ch-3 sps)

Row 13 - repeat Row 7 (3 ch-3 sps)

Row 14 - repeat Row 7 (2 ch-3 sps)

Row 15 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, ch2, sc in ch-3 sp,ch3, sc in next ch-3 sp, ch2, shell in shell, turn (1 ch-3 sp)

Row 16 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, ch2, sc in ch-3 sp, ch2, shell in shell, turn

Row 17 - slst into ch-2 sp, beg shell, shell in next shell

Row 18 - slst into sh-2 sp, work 4dccl as follows:  *yo, insert hook in ch-2 sp, yo and draw through, yo and draw thru 2 loops leaving loop on hook*, repeat from * to * 3 times in next ch-2 sp, yo and draw thru all 5 loops on hook, picot, tie off and weave in ends.

At this point the pineapple will still be a little wavy.  Give it a few good tugs to line the stitches up or toss it in the wash.

Hurricane Irene

Stay safe, stock up and make sure you have plenty of yarn on hand.

It seems to be winding down from the original predictions which is a great thing!  I have many friends and family in it's path.  Here's quick prayer for light winds, continued power, running water and minimal damage.



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Such a slump

My dear friends in yarn,

It's been a while since I've posted.  It's been a while since I've really crocheted.  There's a couple small designing projects that I've been working on that are almost finished.  It just seems that I've lost my mojo for a bit.  It's happened before and it always comes back.

I did crochet my largest doily yet.  It's a solid 2 feet across.  I need to get some pics so that I can share that with you.  I also made a smaller doily in the same thread for under my candy dish.  That one still needs to be blocked.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgotten about you.  I still have my list of TUTs that I really do plan to make for you guys.  It'll all come once I find my mojo again.



Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rest in Peace Jean Leinhauser

Sadly, the talk of the crochet world today is about the passing of one of our greatest.  Jean Leinhauser has passed on leaving a crochet legacy.

She was a wonderful and talented woman.

For those who would like to do something in her honor, the family has requested that donations be made to your local animal shelte - whether it be time, money or blankies.

Jean was to be honored at the coming CGOA conference.

May she rest in peace.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Double leaf rectangular throw

This has been finished for a few weeks but I wanted to wait until my daughters BFF actually received it before I posted pictures.  My mojo has been seriously lacking but I truly enjoyed making this while it lasted.  It's smaller than I had hoped but I only had 2 pounds of yarn and crocheted until I ran out.

Here we have BFF doing her Casper impression lolol

 One very happy child!

Against a white background.

close up


Caron Pounder in Leaf Green - 2 pounds

Bamboo handled Bates J hook

Measures 3 feet x 4 1/2 feet

created from leaf chart I found online 
that has been used as a scarf pattern on ravelry.

I really do wish that I had more yarn to make it at least 5 feet long.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Lost my mojo

One of the reasons I've been so bad at keeping up my blog.  It seems that I've lost my crocheting mojo.  I really hope it comes back soon.

It's 95* outside now and even with the AC going it's pretty hot for working with yarn.  I have a pineapple tablecloth that I'm working on for my hexagon shaped end table.  It's about a foot across.  I'm hoping for closer to 3 feet when it's finished but at this rate it's like pulling teeth.

I didn't want you guys to think that I've forgotten about you.  I did finish the throw for my daughters bff.  I'll get a pic of that up after it's been given.  I didn't want her to see it before she actually got it.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I know, I know...

... I've been neglecting my blog lately.  Between recovering from surgery and traveling I simply haven't had the time or desire to do much.

I would like to let you guys know that I'm planning a give-away.  I really do think you guys will like it.

I just wanted to give ya'll a heads up to keep an eye on the blog here.  I'll let you guys know when it's all set and ready!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish all of my friends in yarn a 
Happy and Blessed Easter.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have you ever had...

... a pattern that you just couldn't wrap your brain around?  That no matter how hard you tried you just couldn't get it?   I've just come across one.  Granted - they are few and far between (thankfully!) but so frustrating! 

Do you keep at it and frog and redo endlessly?  Do you give it your best and give up anyway?  At what point do you admit defeat and just put it down?

I just came across a pattern like that.  It's almost as if I'm just not supposed to make one of those.  I worked at this pattern for 5 days - crocheting, laying out, frogging, crocheting some more.  I was frustrated almost to tears.  In desperation I reached out to a friend who dropped everything to help me and worked on the same pattern with no problem at all.

So, this time - I know the problem is me.  For whatever reason I just cannot make this at this time.

I spent several days looking at patterns online, in my books (I have a decent crochet library), in my magazines.  I just couldn't find a pattern that made me happy.  Then I stumbled upon a pattern for a scarf at Crochet Partners.  It was PERFECT! 

Crochet Partners is Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss's yahoo group dedicated to crochet.  I cannot recommend it enough.  It's a wonderful group with a wide range of people.  It is completely on topic to crochet.

Anyways - back to my crocheting here.  I am now a foot into my latest project.  It's practically making itself.  I love a good pattern that my hands can work while watching tv, chatting away or basically just not paying much attention to.  At the rate this ghan is going I'll even get it done in time.  Whoohoooo!


Monday, March 28, 2011

knitting and crochet blog week

Have you guys heard of this?  It's the 

Seems like a pretty cool idea!

I'm not going to be joining in this year
but I thought you guys might enjoy reading about other yarn adventures.  
Anyways - just wanted to share!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hinterland Throw from Crochet!

Have you guys seen this yet?!?!!?!?  You can find it at Ravelry  and at Crochet! Magazine

I have been wracking my brain trying to think of a ghan for my daughters BFF.  She loves plants and flowers and nature.  When she was over the over day she asked for something with "leaves, please".

I had seen this before at the CGOA website (The Crochet Guild of America).  It was a 1st place winner from last years design competition.  I thought it would be perfect for this child.  Imagine my surprise when I saw it in this issue of Crochet!

Unfortunately, I've already come across an error in Round 3.  It's easy enough to work around but for a beginner who has to follow a pattern - it's enough to make  you want to pull your hair out.  The large close-up pic on Ravelry is amazing in it's detail.  There's an errata alert at the shibaguyz group on Ravelry.  Same link as below.

It should say (dc, ch1) in ch sp instead of see pattern notes.

If you have a nature lover in your life - this may just be a perfect gift for them.

Edited to add Link to CAL at shibaguyz Rav page

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New project idea

Good morning all of my dear friends in yarn.  I just got back from taking DD to school.  It's pea soup fog out there.  Slow going to be sure - except for the people that didn't notice that you couldn't see!  Or maybe they did and did not care.  I don't know.

I doubt that many of you know that I am also into herbs.  I make teas and infusions and medicines.  I think it's a wonderful way to support your health.  I'll make 2 or 3 quarts and maybe a pint or 2 of all different things all at the same time.  I have to say that a towel wrapped around the jars looks pretty awful on the counter.

So - I think my newest project will be canning jar covers.  Acrylic is a must for holding in the heat.  I played with the idea of cotton for a moment or 2 but cotton won't hold the heat like a nice afghan yarn will.

It's so wonderful to have an idea bouncing around inside my head again!  whoohooo

I mentioned in my last post that recovering from surgery is slow going.  Just going to a doctor's visit is enough to put me out for 2 days.  It's being upright that gets me - whether it's sitting or standing.  Walking is a little better but not by much.

So - I have my yarns collected and waiting at the foot of my recliner.  I have the basic pattern in my head already.  Now to think about the best ways to dress it up.

I do have to say - it's wonderful to me that my thoughts are returning to yarn today!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't give up on me yet!

My dear friends in yarn,

Many of you know I recently went for back surgery.  The recover has been harder and longer than I first expected it to be.  They ended up doing more surgery than what was first thought necessary.

Between recovering from surgery and life - mom, wife, crochet - something had to give.  My darling daughter just got her permit - I have no room to give there with a hormonal teenager.  My wonderful husband has a very demanding job and the hours are tough - there's been some give there. 

Between recovering and being mother and wife I just simply don't have the energy left to crochet.  Let alone design right now.  Tomorrow I have an hour drive (one way) to my one doctor.  This will be the furthest I've gone since the surgery and I'm nervous about taking that long of a drive. 

I have the list of TUTs that I want to prepare for you guys.  I just need this time right now to heal and to take care of me.  I don't want to give you guys any less than my best work and I'm not at my best right now.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poll Results re Tutorials

I am so happy that spring is finally here down south and around the corner for my friends up north. It's been a long, long winter this year.

Anyways - there was a very nice turnout for the poll. I would love to give you guys the content that you actually want to see here and can use. So, I thank all of you that have participated in the very first poll here at RoseRed Designs.

And now for the results!

32 votes - How to tie hidden knots

26 votes - Straight seams when working in the round

tied at 23 votes each - my version of the simple granny square and the Russian join

19 votes - simple bracelets

8 votes - old fashioned pom poms

and 10 votes for 'other' listed in the comments
round ripples
basketweave st
detailed tut on cables
Irish Rose from my header
reverse sc

Looks like I have my work cut out for me. I'll be posting TUTS as I get them done.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Webbing 4 Spidey Style Round Ripples TUT

Lots of people LOVE the look of the Spidey Style  Round Ripples
but don't really know how to do the webbing.  

This TUT (or tutorial) will show you how to add the surface crochet 
that creates the webbed look on the front side of the ghan.

You can click on any picture to see it full size.

Fig. 1
 Determine which side will be the front side of the ghan.
Begin in any point.  With black slst in any ch-2 sp

 (ch2, sc in ch-2 sp of next round)
This is the repeat that will create the webbed look.
Work towards the center.

 Fig 3
 This picture is simply to show you that in order to keep your
webbing looking neat to make sure that you sc BETWEEN 
the dcs that create the shell or Vst of the round.

 Fig. 4
 When you get to the center - insert hook thru the center
of the 1st round and slst in place.

Once you complete the slst, ch2 and sc in the next round.
You will be working UP towards the next point to the left.

 This picture shows how it will look after several (sc, ch2)s
working UP towards the next point towards the left.

Surface crochet all the way to the last ch2-sp.  
Tie off  and leave a tail long enough to weave in later.

Begin the next section of webbing in the last ch-2 sp 
of the next point to the left of where you tied off.

(sc, ch2)  toward the center.

 Fig. 6
 When you reach the center insert hook under the previous
V of the surface crochet and insert hook into the very center
of the ghan once more.  This will secure the webbing tightly to the center.

Continue as you did previously, working (sc, ch2) 
towards the outer ch-2 sp of the point to the left.


Begin the next section of webbing in the last ch-2 sp 
of the next point to the left of where you tied off.

(sc, ch2) to center, attach with slst to previous Vs in center to secure,
(sc, ch2) toward last ch-2 sp of the next point to the left.  

slst in last ch-2sp, tie off and leave tail for weaving.
Do NOT tie off the last section of webbing!

(See Fig 7. below for attaching webbing in center.)

 Fig. 7
Now that the center webbing is firmly secured, 
insert hook  beneath previous V's of the surface crochet.
slst around these and continue to (sc, ch2) towards 
the outer ch-2 sp of the next point to the left.

Attach in this manner until webbing is completed.

Do NOT tie off the last section of webbing!

Fig. 8
 When last section of webbing is completed:  slst in outer ch-2 sp, ch1,
face work so that the back side of the last round of dcs is showing.

2hdc in same ch-2 sp to the left of slst, 
{hdc around round ripple,  working shell in ch-2sps and 
skipping 2 sts in center of valley}

crochet around to where you began.  
(2 hdc, ch2) in same ch-2 sp as slst, 
slst into 1st hdc to join, turn

Next to last round - sc in each st around, 
working (2sc, ch2, 2sc) in each peak
and skipping 2 sts in center of each valley

Last Round - with right side facing - rev sc in each st

(The last 3 rounds are hdc, sc and rev sc)

Spidey style 5-10 pointer is FINISHED!


Just a touch under 5 feet across from point to point
Caron Pounder in Scarlett
Red Heart in Royal
Red Heart Black
J hook (Bamboo handle Bates)

About a skein and 1/2 of Blue
About 3/4 pound of Caron Red
just under a skein of black

I'll never combine brands of yarn for this type of ghan again if I can help it.  The blue is one of RH's thinner colors and the red is one of Caron's thicker colors and I can tell that it's a little too off.  I'm hoping that it'll blend better after it's washed.

I always do the first round of a spidey ghan in black.  It makes the webbing look better.

I did a simple color technique.    Each block of color grew by 1 round.  
4 rounds of blue
5 rounds of red
6 rounds of blue
7 rounds of red

I also place a back round every 4 rounds.  This makes for even webbing and I think a very cool pattern to the blocks of color.  The first and last round are always black.  

So - that's the spidey ghan.  Onto my next project - not sure what that's going to be yet.

The pattern for the 5-10 Point Round Ripple can be found at

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spidey style 5-10 pointer wip

What's on your hook today?

I have a spidey style toddler ghan on mine today.  

It's been on there for a few weeks now :B  I've been busy doing a lot of computer stuff, setting up RoseRed Designs, taking classes, designing, having back surgery - it all adds up to eating a lot of time I'd much rather spend crocheting.  So - without further chit-chat

 I know - not the best picture I've ever taken 
but I'm just glad that I finally took one.


Caron Pounder Scarlet and Black
Red Heart Royal (blue)
Bate Bamboo handled J hook

Right now it's about 3 feet across.  I want it to be 4 1/2. 

I do have to say that mixing Caron Scarlet (which is one of their thicker yarns) with the RH Royal (which is one of their thinner yarns) makes for a notable difference.  Once it's washed and softened up it won't be as bad but these 2 yarns do not combine well.

Looking at the pic - I wonder if I should go in later and backstitch around the added points.  I'll have to wait and see until after I surface crochet the webbing onto it.

I could kick myself (if I could lift my leg that high lol) for not doing the black round in hdc.  They're done in dc like the rest of the ghan but I think the hdc matches the topstitched webbing better in size.  It's a minor thing but something I just totally forgot until I was too far into the blankie to change it.

So - what's on YOUR hook today?
Are you happy with it's progress?
Plans for it when it's finished?

Feel free to post your replies in the comments section.

(I've seen several blogs that have a lively and happening comments section going on.  It seems like so much fun - I'd love to try something like that here)


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scallop & Popcorn Edging for 12 Point Round Ripples

1 Caron Pounder in Lilac
3 Red Heart Super Savers in Baby Pink (just a little bit more than 2)
J Bamboo Handle Bates Hook (which is more of an I 1/5 than a J)

Ghan measures 42 inches from point to point.

The round ripple.
I like mine.  RoseRed's 12 Point Round Ripple Pattern
It's just a round ripple pattern. Use which ever one makes you happy. ( I do 2 rounds of 2dc shell and 1 round of Vst) you can fudge this at the end if you don't have the right counts. I turn every single row until the border.

When I had 10 dc between the ch2 and the valley I switched colors
Starting with 11 dc from ch2 to valley - 1 row pink
1 row purple
3 rows pink
1 row purple
1 row pink

Then I did 3 rounds of purple (17 dcs from ch2 to valley) and did a boring old scallop st with a picot in the points.

Border Round 1
If you can't figure out where to start it where your yarn ends up then start in the point.
-attach w sc in ch2 sp, (sk 1 dc, in next dc work 5dc, sk 1dc, sc in next dc) 4 times,
- 4dc in valley sp, sk 1 dc, sc in next dc, repeat 4 scallops up the other side.
- in ch2 sp work (sc, ch3p, sc)
- at end, sl st in 1st sc to join

Border Round 2 - do not turn
slst into 2nd dc, ch1, sc in same st, 3sc in center dc, sc in next 2 dcs,

- to work scallops - sc in first 2 dc, 3sc in center dc, sc in last 2 dc, slst around sc into previous round 

- to work valley and make popcorn (you will have slst'd in the last sc on the side) insert hook into front of 1st and back of last dc, yo and draw thru, slst around sc into previous round and continue working next 3 scallops.

- to work point - (last scallop)
sc in 1st 2dc, 3sc in center dc, sc in next dc, ch2, sc in loop of picot, ch3P, sc in loop of picot again, ch2, skip 1st dc, sc in next, 3sc in center dc and continue on as a normal scallop.

Friday, February 25, 2011

RoseRedsDesigns @ Etsy is OPEN!

So much for the Grand Opening I had planned - 
a glitch in PayPal customer service to thank for that.  

There are 2 whole patterns listed in my new Etsy store but more will be added soon.  

Hope to see you there!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Doilyghans - hints & tips

Heart is hosting a 
over at Crochetville.  

For those of you not familiar with Doilyghans - it's the art if creating doilies with yarn to make afghans instead of doilies.  Many are baby sized but there are several large enough doily patterns to make full size afghans.

I would like to note upfront that I do not have experience with converting doily patterns into baby blankets using baby yarn.  This is written from the perspective of creating Doilyghans with 4plyWW yarn.  Hooks recommended would be anywhere from an F to a J depending on the brand and thickness of the yarn you've chosen to work with.

Upsizing doily patterns to thread isn't quite as clear cut as it would seem to be at first glance and there's a few different things to take into consideration as well.  I strongly recommend a gauge swatch of at least 5 rounds in thread and in yarn so that you can measure the difference and have an idea of the finished ghan.

If you choose a huge doily and the ghan is coming out much larger than intended you can also stop short at whichever point you feel looks good and give it a finishing edge.  One of my fav things about crochet is the versatility and ability to leave a pattern behind and add your own personal touches to make it truly unique and yours.

* I think the absolute most important thing a crocheter can do to make this process simpler and end up with beautiful results is to choose a 'good' doily pattern.  There are so many to pick from from free to paid for to those purchased and published in books.  You'll need to find a doily that can lay flat on it's own.  If blocking is REQUIRED then this is not a pattern you want to use with acrylic yarn.

* A very basic rule of thumb is that a doily made in #10 thread will grow by about 3 times.  A 10 inch doily made in #10 thread *should* come out to be about 30 inches.  A lot of this is going to depend on the pattern itself.  Not all doilies are created equal - doilies with many rounds of sc will be much smaller than doilies created with dcs or trcs.

* My basic rule of thumb is to use a doily around 30 rounds.  25 at the bare minimum and 35 for a larger toddler sized ghan.

* Most doily patterns have a lot of chs and ch sps.  You MUST be consistent in your tension and not work them loosely.  If you do have a loose tension on your chains then maybe you should consider dropping 1 or 2 chains from the counts.  This is trial and error and may include a bit of frogging to get just right.

*  You really don't want to use patterns that have ch segments longer than 7 or 8 chains in a row - these will create very large holes in the finished ghan.

* I strongly suggest using a hook recommended for the yarn and for a more open pattern 1 size smaller.  It will help it to hold it's shape better.  You may need to choose between a softer drape and a ghan that holds it's shape.

* Personally, I would avoid most doilies that call for dbtrcs - the openings are just going to be too large.
*  Be careful in choosing your doily for your ghan that you know if it's UK or US terminology.  If it is in fact written in UK and you work it in American terms then it will not lay flat.

* There is also the technique of using 2 strands of 4plyww with a K or L hook.  This will obviously increase the finished size by quite a bit.  According to my dear friend Darski- she states "It also can use a little more openness to the design. The 2 strands do seem to fatten chains and fill in more. It makes the ghan bulky but the openness offsets that as well. It was very warm for all its open parts though."

So - for all of you who have visions of doily-ghans (instead of sugarplums) dancing thru your heads - just grab a hook and your fav pattern and go for it!  What's the worst that can happen - a little bit of frogging?  And the best?  Your latest masterpiece!

Happy crocheting, my friends!