Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spidey style 5-10 pointer wip

What's on your hook today?

I have a spidey style toddler ghan on mine today.  

It's been on there for a few weeks now :B  I've been busy doing a lot of computer stuff, setting up RoseRed Designs, taking classes, designing, having back surgery - it all adds up to eating a lot of time I'd much rather spend crocheting.  So - without further chit-chat

 I know - not the best picture I've ever taken 
but I'm just glad that I finally took one.


Caron Pounder Scarlet and Black
Red Heart Royal (blue)
Bate Bamboo handled J hook

Right now it's about 3 feet across.  I want it to be 4 1/2. 

I do have to say that mixing Caron Scarlet (which is one of their thicker yarns) with the RH Royal (which is one of their thinner yarns) makes for a notable difference.  Once it's washed and softened up it won't be as bad but these 2 yarns do not combine well.

Looking at the pic - I wonder if I should go in later and backstitch around the added points.  I'll have to wait and see until after I surface crochet the webbing onto it.

I could kick myself (if I could lift my leg that high lol) for not doing the black round in hdc.  They're done in dc like the rest of the ghan but I think the hdc matches the topstitched webbing better in size.  It's a minor thing but something I just totally forgot until I was too far into the blankie to change it.

So - what's on YOUR hook today?
Are you happy with it's progress?
Plans for it when it's finished?

Feel free to post your replies in the comments section.

(I've seen several blogs that have a lively and happening comments section going on.  It seems like so much fun - I'd love to try something like that here)



Kel-Bel said...

It looks great! I made a standard spidey ghan for my son and he loves it.

As for what's on my hook well...
I'm making a mitre square ghan that's about half done, also trying out the wool-eater pattern for the first time using scraps, and trying once again to see if I can design a 24 pt RR without having to build up to it, thought I had something figured out yesterday but it started ruffling up pretty bad so I had to frog a few rows, will try again.

Today I'll probably work on the mitre ghan as it's all sc and super simple and I'm not feeling my best so I need easy today.

Liking both the mitre and wool-eater, have an idea for the miter but not the other two. Though I may change my mind on that yet too LOL

Anonymous said...

I finally finished the ghan I was making for my MIL last night, so that's off the hook!

I think the color block flannelghan that I'm making for my FIL is going back on the hook next, now that I have more yarn for it. I swear, black yarn seems to run out so much faster than any other color.

Also have to work more on my Mom's big flower ghan. Her birthday and my FIL's birthday are within 5 days of each other, both next month. I have a long way to go!

Michele said...

Kel-Bel - I know what you mean about trying to create the higher point round ripples. I gave up on the 24 point and settled for a 20 point and it still took about 2 weeks to get it to lay just right. I think that's the longest I've ever worked on a pattern to get it perfect.

You can find it at

Are you doing the little mitered squares or the whole ghan?

Shell - you have a ton of stuff to get done in a short time. You're fast tho so I know you can do it!

This ghan is going to a friend I connected with on Facebook. She was one of my closest friends in high school and it was so great when we 'bumped' into each other there. I already finished the ghan for her little girl, this one is for her little boy.

Kel-Bel said...

I've looked at your 20 pt RR and I love it, now to convince hubby to let me buy it LOL. I really do want to make a 24 pt one though guess I'll just keep trying LOL.

I found this pattern and really liked it, but I'm playing with it a bit, my squares are about twice that size and I'm aligning them so the variegated sections are in the corners, creating a cross in the center.

Michele said...

I really wanted a 24 point too but the problem is the Vst, shell repeats in trying to get it to lay flat.

Kel-Bel said...

It was seeing your 20 pt RR that inspired me to try again, I have another idea for the 24 pt but we'll see, not going to be able to work on it this weekend as we'll be out of town and I'm taking one of the easy to work on projects with me. I'm going to save that for when I'm home and it's easier to keep my notes and things by me

Michele said...

Good luck with it and enjoy your trip!