Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have you ever had...

... a pattern that you just couldn't wrap your brain around?  That no matter how hard you tried you just couldn't get it?   I've just come across one.  Granted - they are few and far between (thankfully!) but so frustrating! 

Do you keep at it and frog and redo endlessly?  Do you give it your best and give up anyway?  At what point do you admit defeat and just put it down?

I just came across a pattern like that.  It's almost as if I'm just not supposed to make one of those.  I worked at this pattern for 5 days - crocheting, laying out, frogging, crocheting some more.  I was frustrated almost to tears.  In desperation I reached out to a friend who dropped everything to help me and worked on the same pattern with no problem at all.

So, this time - I know the problem is me.  For whatever reason I just cannot make this at this time.

I spent several days looking at patterns online, in my books (I have a decent crochet library), in my magazines.  I just couldn't find a pattern that made me happy.  Then I stumbled upon a pattern for a scarf at Crochet Partners.  It was PERFECT! 

Crochet Partners is Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss's yahoo group dedicated to crochet.  I cannot recommend it enough.  It's a wonderful group with a wide range of people.  It is completely on topic to crochet.

Anyways - back to my crocheting here.  I am now a foot into my latest project.  It's practically making itself.  I love a good pattern that my hands can work while watching tv, chatting away or basically just not paying much attention to.  At the rate this ghan is going I'll even get it done in time.  Whoohoooo!


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Cris said...

Oh yea... those patterns are the WORST! For me, I will try it several times until I'm in tears, put it away, do something else, and come back to it later.