Monday, March 7, 2011

Spidey style 5-10 pointer is FINISHED!


Just a touch under 5 feet across from point to point
Caron Pounder in Scarlett
Red Heart in Royal
Red Heart Black
J hook (Bamboo handle Bates)

About a skein and 1/2 of Blue
About 3/4 pound of Caron Red
just under a skein of black

I'll never combine brands of yarn for this type of ghan again if I can help it.  The blue is one of RH's thinner colors and the red is one of Caron's thicker colors and I can tell that it's a little too off.  I'm hoping that it'll blend better after it's washed.

I always do the first round of a spidey ghan in black.  It makes the webbing look better.

I did a simple color technique.    Each block of color grew by 1 round.  
4 rounds of blue
5 rounds of red
6 rounds of blue
7 rounds of red

I also place a back round every 4 rounds.  This makes for even webbing and I think a very cool pattern to the blocks of color.  The first and last round are always black.  

So - that's the spidey ghan.  Onto my next project - not sure what that's going to be yet.

The pattern for the 5-10 Point Round Ripple can be found at

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