Thursday, March 17, 2011

Don't give up on me yet!

My dear friends in yarn,

Many of you know I recently went for back surgery.  The recover has been harder and longer than I first expected it to be.  They ended up doing more surgery than what was first thought necessary.

Between recovering from surgery and life - mom, wife, crochet - something had to give.  My darling daughter just got her permit - I have no room to give there with a hormonal teenager.  My wonderful husband has a very demanding job and the hours are tough - there's been some give there. 

Between recovering and being mother and wife I just simply don't have the energy left to crochet.  Let alone design right now.  Tomorrow I have an hour drive (one way) to my one doctor.  This will be the furthest I've gone since the surgery and I'm nervous about taking that long of a drive. 

I have the list of TUTs that I want to prepare for you guys.  I just need this time right now to heal and to take care of me.  I don't want to give you guys any less than my best work and I'm not at my best right now.



Sharon Marie said...

Take care of yourself. We can wait for you to recover. YOU are number 1. Hugs...Sharon

Anonymous said...

Michele, you need to give yourself time to heal and not worry about ANYthing else. Just a few years ago I had my entire spine fused in a 16-hour surgery. I was in the hospital for over 30 days. I know what back surgery can do to and for you so you do what you are told by the doctor and not worry about anything other than getting well.

Karen said...

I'm a new follower and I know you have lots of good stuff for me to uncover in your archives, so take care and I keep you in my prayers.

Michele said...

Thank you guys so much!


Anonymous said...

Just take care of yourself and make sure you heal up properly. You'll be back to crocheting and designing once that happens. Don't try to push it, it'll just make the recovery longer.

We'll keep following along and praying for your recovery. :)