Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scallop & Popcorn Edging for 12 Point Round Ripples

1 Caron Pounder in Lilac
3 Red Heart Super Savers in Baby Pink (just a little bit more than 2)
J Bamboo Handle Bates Hook (which is more of an I 1/5 than a J)

Ghan measures 42 inches from point to point.

The round ripple.
I like mine.  RoseRed's 12 Point Round Ripple Pattern
It's just a round ripple pattern. Use which ever one makes you happy. ( I do 2 rounds of 2dc shell and 1 round of Vst) you can fudge this at the end if you don't have the right counts. I turn every single row until the border.

When I had 10 dc between the ch2 and the valley I switched colors
Starting with 11 dc from ch2 to valley - 1 row pink
1 row purple
3 rows pink
1 row purple
1 row pink

Then I did 3 rounds of purple (17 dcs from ch2 to valley) and did a boring old scallop st with a picot in the points.

Border Round 1
If you can't figure out where to start it where your yarn ends up then start in the point.
-attach w sc in ch2 sp, (sk 1 dc, in next dc work 5dc, sk 1dc, sc in next dc) 4 times,
- 4dc in valley sp, sk 1 dc, sc in next dc, repeat 4 scallops up the other side.
- in ch2 sp work (sc, ch3p, sc)
- at end, sl st in 1st sc to join

Border Round 2 - do not turn
slst into 2nd dc, ch1, sc in same st, 3sc in center dc, sc in next 2 dcs,

- to work scallops - sc in first 2 dc, 3sc in center dc, sc in last 2 dc, slst around sc into previous round 

- to work valley and make popcorn (you will have slst'd in the last sc on the side) insert hook into front of 1st and back of last dc, yo and draw thru, slst around sc into previous round and continue working next 3 scallops.

- to work point - (last scallop)
sc in 1st 2dc, 3sc in center dc, sc in next dc, ch2, sc in loop of picot, ch3P, sc in loop of picot again, ch2, skip 1st dc, sc in next, 3sc in center dc and continue on as a normal scallop.


River Glorious said...

very nice edgings you made. it changes the look and makes it interesting. :)

Anonymous said...

I just put this edging on a different style ghan and it still worked great! (only difference really was no popcorns, mostly because I'm running out of yarn for this ghan!). I'm almost done with the final round and praying the yarn lasts.

NicP said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pattern. I was looking for a pretty edging for my baby ripple and found your blog. It looks lovely on my blanket and really sets it off. Thanks again :)