Sunday, October 2, 2011

Computer Problems

My dear friends in yarn,

I know I posted a teaser in my last post that this post would be a give-away.  I am sorry to dissapoint.

But I do have a really good reason!

I have been going thru computer hell!  I'm on my 3rd machine in 3 weeks.  I am soooo happy that Best Buy has a 2 week exchange period.  Technically, I'm on my 4th machine as my old laptop gave up the ghost, the first 2 computers that I replaced it with had malfunctions.  So far (cross your fingers for me) this one seems to be doing well.

Unfortunately, I lost quite a bit of personal files - pictures and documents and such.  It's not for lack of backing up.  The problem is - my back-ups failed also.  Fortunately, I did not lose any of my RoseRed Designs files.

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled postings soon.


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Jocelyn said...

OH NO! Hope your week gets better.