Saturday, February 5, 2011

No Sew Gingham Ghan

I would like to thank you all for supporting me while I was learning to write patterns.  Please remember that these are my original free patterns that were written while I was still learning to write them - some are better than others and some have been re-written since learning my new skillset
Finished size:
Approx. 45 x 69 inches before border.

I or J hook depending on tension and gauge swatch

Weights listed below are full a full size ghan. 
16 oz RHSS Hunter Green

16 oz RHSS Light Sage
16 oz RHSS Soft White

Gauge :
3 inch square = 10 dc x 5 rows

Pattern Notes:
Pattern is worked entirely in dc.
Gauge is very important. Make sure that the squares are true to size.
Each row contains 2 colors.
Carry the color that is not being used.
There are 115 rows total in ghan.
The afghan is 15 color blocks wide and 23 color blocks high. The turning ch 2 counts as the 1st dc of the 10dc color block.

Beginning with Hunter Green - ch 152,

Row 1: Beginning with Hunter Green - dc in 3rd ch from hook to count as 1st dc, dc in next 9 st's, *with Light Sage - dc in next 10 dc's, with Hunter Green - dc in next 10 dc's*; repeat from * to * for a total of 15 color blocks ending with Hunter Green.

Rows 2 - 5 : Beginning with Hunter Green - ch 2, turn (counts as first dc now and throughout), dc in next 9 dc, *with Light Sage - dc in next 10 dc's, with Hunter Green - dc in next 10 dc' *; repeat from * to * for a total of 15 color blocks ending with Hunter Green.

Rows 6 - 10: Beginning with Light Sage - 10 dc, *Soft White - 10 dc, Light Sage - 10 dc*; repeat from * to * for a total of 15 color blocks ending with Light Sage.

Rows 11 - 15: Beginning with Hunter Green - 10 dc, *Light Sage - 10 dc, Hunter Green - 10dc*, repeat from * to * for a total of 15 color blocks ending with Hunter Green

Rows 16 - 115 : Repeat Rows 6 - 11 ten more times for a total of 22 color blocks ending with Hunter Green.


 continuing with Hunter Green -

Round 1 - ch1 sc around entire ghan, working (sc, ch1, sc) in each corner, sl st to join round
Round 2 - ch 1, rev sc around entire ghan, working (rev sc, ch1, rev sc) in each corner, sl st to join.
Alternate Round 2 - ch 1, repeat Round 1.

Tie off and weave in ends.

To make this lapghan size - simply stop after 11 color blocks and halve the amounts of yarn.

Copyright 2007 ~Michele Shirley~ All rights reserved.
Items made from this pattern are NOT to be sold on the internet.


Kimberly said...

What does the back of this afghan look like?

Michele said...

It looks exactly like the front.

Unknown said...

Hi, what do you mean by 'carry the color you are not using'?

Michele Shirley said...

You crochet over the strand that you're not using.

Anonymous said...

in rows 6-10 and then again in Rows 11-15 Etc, when you change the black colors how do you incorporate the new yarn color? Do you just carry the 2 your not using all the way through the Blanket? Sorry, I've never carried differnt colors before but I'd really like to try this blanket, it's adorable!!!

Thanks in advance!

Michele Shirley said...

When I get to a new block of color I cut and tie off the color that's no longer being used. Then join the new color as you normally would.

Hope that helps.

Nikki Ritter said...

SOOO excited to give this a whirl. I'm going to do it in navy, grey, and white for my sweetheart (Dallas Cowboy fan). Thanks for a great pattern!!

Michele Shirley said...

That sounds great! I hope I get to see it when it's finished!

Gigi said...

Oooh - I see Christmas presents :-) Thank you for sharing!
Sue Brockway

Jeanne said...

I found this while looking for patterns to make lapghans for wounded soldiers. This looks perfect and can't wait to give it a try.

emmabarton said...

I make afghans for babies and Foster kids. This will be so wonderful for them! I see lots of blue and red and purple in my future, and maybe one in navy and sunshine and silver for my niece at college! :D

Thank you so much for taking the time to create and write out this pattern! That takes a very VERY talente person, and I'm one that barely can follow the patterns as is! I'm learning, and hope to use this one often!

Unknown said...

Cheryl Ward
Thanks for writing this beautiful Afghan pattern. I can see all my grandbabies getting one for Christmas. One question though, can I put a slight ruffle around the edgings?

Michele Shirley said...

Emma - thank you so much. That's so sweet of you.

Cheryl - you can put any border you like it. That's the wonderful thing about crochet. You can start with a pattern as your base and personalize it to make it your own.

Patti Mixdorf said...

thank you so much, this has really inspired me!

Wanda Moon said...

Pattern looks very intriguing. Keep up the good work and don't let this be your last written pattern.

Susan Severance said...

One question, does RHSS stand for red heart simply soft? I am atill learning the different brands of yarn.

Michele Shirley said...

Yes, it does.

cvdial said...

wouldn't you need more yarn of the 'sage' because it's used with white in one block row and then again in the green block row. ??

Unknown said...

I just made this using RHSS they are 7 oz now. I used 2 skeins of the darkest color, 3 skeins of the middle color and 1.5 skeins of the lightest color.

housekeeper said...

I have just found your blog and...I love, love, love, this. The pattern is clearly written so a beginner (like me) can try changing colours in a pattern.
Thank you😊

Mary M said...

Just found this pattern and I am loving it ! Just one question, how do I hide the end piece of yarn
that I am carrying across when I go up to the next row ? My yarn shows at every turn.