Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Tutorials would you like added to RRD? Poll

I've added a poll to the right column asking what 
Tutorials you would like to see here at RoseRed Designs.  

I listed several ideas of my own that I've been kicking around in my head.  
I also listed 'Other' in the poll because I would LOVE to see your ideas as well.

The poll is set up so that you can choose multiple TUT ideas.

If you do check 'other' - please leave you ideas in the comments section.
I'd LOVE to find out what YOUR ideas are and hopefully be able to oblige.

This poll is open for 2 weeks so there's plenty of time for everyone to vote.
I look forward to seeing your comments, thoughts and ideas.



Merri said...

RoseRed thanks for the poll and tutorials. Personally I struggle with a basic granny square. Weird huh? I hate the large holes and for some reason my work tilts to one side.

As for "other" I would like to see round ripples and basketweave stitch. Until I get better at reading patterns I catch on easier with visuals.

Thanks for all the help!!!

RoseRed said...

Granny squares are already on my list. I know what you mean about the holes being too big. The only way to fix that is to use a smaller hook, unfortunately.

I have something in the works for the round ripples and I'll see what I can come up with about the basketweave.

This is why I asked for comments - it's just a great way to find out what you guys want and need help with.

I can't promise when I can start posting TUTs - I'm still recovering from surgery. One of the reasons I left the poll open for 2 weeks but I should have plenty of time to work on these things.

Anybody else have a TUT they'd like to see?


jd said...

someone - maybe you - needs to do a great, very detailed, tutorial on crochet cables. i would LOVE to see one. if there is one somewhere that i haven't seen, please let me know.
jd in st louis

RoseRed said...

I LOVE cables but am by no means an 'expert' on them. I do know that there are several decent books on doing them but I will certainly keep it mind and add it to the list.

RoseRed said...

I also received a personal email asked for a tutorial for the Irish rose in my header.

I'm just putting all the ideas in one place here.

Thanx so much for all your ideas ladies.

Kookie said...

Hidden knots and joining in the round get the "thumbs up" from me, any techniques that would give my projects a more professional look would be much appreciated.
Keep up the good work xx

RoseRed said...

Reverse Single Crochet