Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Heart's 75 Days of Give-A-Ways!!!

We all know our Red Heart yarns.  Love them - for their colors and durability, or not - for their scratchiness (Super Saver) Red Heart is a HUGE part of a crocheters life.  Many of us learned to crochet using Red Heart Yarns.  They hold a special place in my heart because of my Grandmother.  She LOVED all the different colors.

I can't believe it but Red Heart Yarns are 75 years old!

Hence, the reason for their 75 Day's of Give-A-Ways.

Red Heart is giving away Daily Prizes including yarn, magazines, hooks, patterns, knitting needles and more.  One Grand Prize winner will win 75 skeins of yarn!!!!! and subscriptions to Crochet Today and Knitting Today!

Head on over to the 

page and enter the drawing.


Shell Lee said...

oh man, winning 75 skeins would rock! But wow that would be a bad stashbusting week! haha

RoseRed said...

I tried stashbusting for a little bit. I got rid of a bunch of little balls of yarn and a few colors I would never use and then I felt I stashbusted enough.

I like my yarn right where it is. lolol

Shell Lee said...

I like my yarn right where it is too. And I just cant resist those poor little orphaned skeins crying for attention in the stores. I feel like a monster if I leave them behind!

Anonymous said...

Ah hah! figured out how to post with the correct blog account!

Shell Lee

RoseRed said...