Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Welcome to RoseRed Designs

Thank you for your interest in checking out 
RoseRed Designs.

This is 'officially' a blog.  However, it is set up as a website.  There are quite a few free patterns and tutorials.  There are also posts, articles and lots of projects interspersed if you want to look back through the blog posts.  I love that Blogger allows blogs to have 'pages' so that a blog can be set up as a website.

 Please enjoy your visit here at RoseRed Designs.

For those that are interested in my 'pay for' patterns they can be found at both Etsy and Ravelry.  Ravelry offers instant downloads and has a library option.  Etsy requires that you must wait for me to receive your order before it can be sent out via email.  Etsy is looking into instant downloads of purchased patterns.  I do not know when they will offer this.



If you look at the side bar to the right you'll find direct links to articles and free patterns.

You'll also see my Pinterest disclaimer.  Please feel free to pin my projects and patterns to Pinterest.  I only ask that you do not pin any of my personal pictures - especially those with children in them.  I'd hate to have to go through the blog posts and have to remove any of them.

And a couple of shout outs...

If you haven't already found Crochetville I suggest that you check it out.  It's a wonderful community of crocheters and an amazing resource for anyone who loves yarn.  It's one of my most favorite places on the web.

Jimbo makes the most amazing wood hooks.  I have several and they are awesome to work with.  He generally does auctions but you can contact him for custom work as well.  He also came up with a great specialty hook that was named the 'Hook Awl' in a contest he held.  They come in 2 sizes and they're super sharp and pointy for working  into fabric.

If you crochet - Ravelry is an amazing resource for patterns, ideas, yarn information, etc.  It has it's own forums - I don't belong to any of them but for those that are interested - it's there.  I have my bookmark set to the 'New Patterns' page.  It's a great way to get a look at what's been uploaded recently.



Cindy Jo said...

I just wanted to thank you for your gorgeous patterns. It is so kind of you to offer them for free.

belfastgirl said...

I am a newbie here and found a great free pattern; started it; finished row 11 and then my brain went dead. I am attempting RoseRed's shawl and the instructions for rows 12, 13 and 14are
row 12 repeat "sequence" row 2
row 13 repeat "sequence" row 3
and row 14 "sequence" row 4 then repeat these 4 sequence rows from this point on until the shaw is the size you want. I am totally confused as to what the "sequence" rows are and I only see 3 sequence rows to repeat (2, 3 and 4) I love the pattern but naturally I am missing something in the instructions and am asking for any help.

Thank you in advance.

Kathie Mc

Michele Shirley said...

My version of the Serafina is hosted at Crochetville here: http://www.crochetville.com/community/topic/123650-rosereds-version-of-the-serafina-shawl-pattern/

I just went and looked at the pattern that's posted and the pdf that you can download. I don't know where you're getting the 'sequence rows' from. I think you're working from Doni's original pattern which I changed a little and rewrote. It was very hard to follow for me.

Are you sure that you're working from the pattern posted above?

twinkle said...

Hi Rose,
I bough a book of Annie's to make a dress for my 1 year old daughter.
At the edging of skirt,I'm confused,lost and depressed.Pls help me with this round.
The pattern says
Round2:Ch 1,sc in first ch3 sp,sk next ch5 sp,working in front of sk ch 5 sp,shell in next ch 3 sp.........
How to work in front of skipped chain space?

Michele Shirley said...

I have no idea. The way it's written doesn't make much sense especially without seeing the previous row.

The best thing you can do is to contact Annies. They can either help you or point you to any possible corrections that may have been made to the pattern (if there are any).

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful than that.